Four Features
of Fuji Electric Machine Manufacturing
Fuji Electric Machine Manufacturing's 4 Features
Fuji Electric Machine Manufacturing possesses unique technology that supports the railroads of modern Japan.

Rich Experience
and Ample Knowledge

Since our founding in 1951, Fuji Electric Machine Manufacturing has been performing motor maintenance for various railroad companies. Our ample knowledge and solid technical capabilities combined with a long history of successful results enables us to provide repairs of any type of motor.


of New Commutators

Fuji Electric Machine Manufacturing is one of the few Japanese companies that can manufacture commutators for large DC motors.
We use our own unique technology for commutator production to provide total maintenance of DC motors that no other company can provide.


Insulation Diagnosis

Insulation material inevitably deteriorates from long-term use of motors, resulting in decreased insulation resistance. Decreased insulation resistance often results in unexpected faults such as short circuits. For this reason, it is extremely important to properly repair the insulation before it results in some fault.
Fuji Electric Machine Manufacturing can perform insulation diagnosis to identify areas of deterioration due to decreased insulation and propose the appropriate repair method.


Periodic Inspection

The number of technicians with the technical skill and experience for performing maintenance of DC motors has declined in recent times but the number of railroad companies whose inspection equipment suffers from deterioration has been increasing.
Fuji Electric Machine Manufacturing has been receiving orders for periodic inspection from such railroad companies. Our knowledgeable technicians perform inspection using specialized equipment to provide the highest quality inspection. Please contact us also if you have concerns regarding technician training or equipment updating.